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Did you know that almost all people with physical disabilities or age related issues can NEVER fully participate in the wonderful restorative activity of recreational fishing, sailing and boating because of problems with boarding, usage and lavatory access?


a 501c(3) non-profit charitable organization

The Shannon River Marine Heritage Foundation (SRMHF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities as well as our post 9/11 servicemen and women who have been wounded mentally or physically over the course of their duties.  For such individuals, the SRMHF seeks to provide access to the recreational sports of boating, fishing and sailing aboard specifically adapted yachts that have been modified to ensure the highest degree of participation regardless of the individuals’ required accommodations.


            The SRMHF designed its specially adapted boats using three core principles:


               1. Recreational fishing, boating and sailing is a therapeutic and curative experience
                   that can and should be enjoyed by everyone


               2. Every person, regardless of physical ability or age related mobility issues, can be an
                   active participant in the fishing, boating and sailing experience


               3. Access to dignified boarding, cooking and lavatory facilities is an integral part of
                  being an active participant



The Need


            Many people have enjoyed boating, fishing and/or sailing their entire lives, then they incur a disability either through the extreme sacrifice of serving their country or in an unfortunate accident. The idea of boating again is overwhelming and their disabilities are seen as insurmountable.  There is no reason why people with disabilities or limited mobility should be precluded from the documented psychological and curative benefits of fishing, sailing and extended boating experiences because of lavatory access and dignified boarding procedures.


              We believe that with the right boats that have our specially engineered adaptive boating equipment installed, and with training and education, everyone, regardless of their disadvantage, can share in the joys of fishing and boating.   Through participation in our program, those limited by special needs will not just be passive passengers, they will have the supervised opportunity to operate and skipper the boat themselves. Our mission is that this knowledge will in turn provide life changing self-confidence to help overcome the adversity and hardship in their daily lives.