Adaptive Boats and Equipment


Sportfish/Cruiser Powerboat


The Warrior 28  sportfish/cruiser is the first fully accessible mid-sized powerboat designed to meet the requirements of both the sport fisherman and the cruising family. The Warrior 28 offers wide passageways, large 103 sq feet flush level cockpit usually found on larger boats, motorized lift for easy safe boarding from the transom, side access dropdown ramp, motorized lift to access the cabin and adaptive head, and is engineered with many more comfortable accommodations for persons with disabilities.


The Warrior 28 Sportfish/Cruiser interior plan is the ideal layout for wheelchair users or persons with limited mobility.

 THE Defiance 35 SAILBOAT


From the successful U.S. patented sea proven hull of the Shannon Shoalsailer 32, which has very low heeling moments and provides a safe and comfortable powering or sailing experience, comes the Defiance 35. The spacious cockpit can accommodate a flexible combination of wheelchairs and walking assistance devices. Four to six individuals can move about safely and ride in the cockpit along with the crew, setting it apart from the typical small sailboats used currently for adaptive sailing.  As with the Warrior 28 powerboat, the Defiance 35 sailboat resolves accessibility issues by using a motorized, portable marina dock ramp assist, a hydraulic lift to the cabin interior and lavatory, dignified ramp boarding, and knees-under helm stations. Unique to the Defiance 35 is the new Diad rig, engineered by Walt Schulz for sail handling ease for those with disabilities or age-related mobility issues.  Read more about the Shannon Shoalsailer>


The Shoalsailer 35 with SCUTTER rig (l.) and DIAD rig (r.)


On a conventional sloop, a genoa headsail cannot be reefed down to a safe jib with a roller furler because a rolled up genoa totally loses its shape which compromises its efficiency when reduced more than 33%. The Defiance 35 Scutter headsail arrangement designed by Walt Schulz and used on all Shannon’s since 1995 has a conventional roller furling genoa positioned at the bow, and four feet forward of that on the bow platform is another stay that accepts a real 75% working jib also on a roller furler. In less than 20 knots of wind, the boat is sailed just like a sloop, with main and full genoa. As the wind picks up, the genoa is rolled in 33% to a predetermined and reinforced position. With more wind, the genoa is fully furled and the working jib is rolled out. The jib can also be reduced by 33% in very high winds. All sail handling: raising, lowering, rolling, reefing and sheeting are safely and easily done from the cockpit with electric winches. The Scutter rig has a proven performance track record based on thousands of ocean miles all over the Globe.



The new Diad rig was specially designed by Walt Schulz for sailors with limited mobility or age related mobility issues. Since 70%-75% of the sail drive on a sloop comes from the headsail due to the fixed triangular shape inefficiency of a conventional mainsail, the Diad rig capitalizes on 21st Century headsail shape design dynamics and efficiency by placing one headsail in front of another. Basically, the revolutionary Diad rig is a double headsail sloop or cutter without the mainsail. The Diad rig uses a carbon fiber free standing bipod mast eliminating expensive main mast standing rigging, complicated mainsail furling or stowing gear and other conventional mainsail sloop issues. The duel sails enable almost instant sailing by the use of roller furling units, easy sail handling and simple sail reduction or reefing. All roller furling lines and sheeting lines are controlled from the cockpit helm station using electric “take up” reel winches to avoid line clutter in the cockpit. The Diad rig provides exciting performance on all points of the wind in light, moderate and heavy air. Everyone aboard a Defiance 35 with a Diad rig can now focus on the true joys of sailing without any distracting issues.




Walt Schulz specially designed a boating wheelchair to address many of the issues facing a person with a disability's boating needs. Many of the problems for those with impaired mobility have to do with just getting to a boat, as well as boarding and moving around a boat. Many marinas and boatyards have rough, uneven ground in parking areas, steep ramps for tidal conditions, fixed docks with small steps and other conventional wheelchair obstacles. The SRMHF Boating Chair has soft gripping pneumatic wheels which can be manually driven or battery power assisted with joystick controlled dual driving/steering motors and individual handbrake steering for steep inclines. Other features include an ergonomically designed seat and back, spring suspension, LED  headlights, shoulder/lap seatbelt, a center seat drop panel for backing over a toilet/head and other unique features. There has never been a wheelchair available like the SRMHF Boating Chair for those that want to enjoy the freedom of a boating, sailing and fishing lifestyle.


The SRMHF Convertible Step/Lift Mechanism

The proprietary Shannon-designed access steps down to the cabin slide out of the way and convert to a lift platform when needed. This unique feature assists in carrying people, food, luggage, etc. on a discreet mechanical lift.

SRMHF Exclusive Power Lift Platform

Marina locations around the globe have very different dock-to-boat boarding methods which are addressed with Shannon's Power Lift Platform. The platform electrically raises and lowers to adjust to any level, whether the dock is fixed or floating. This feature can also be set up for side-to boarding.  A swing out ramp from the platform makes boarding safe and straightforward.

The Yamaha Helm Master Control

Difficulty docking and maneuvering on the SRMHF power and sailboats is a thing of the past with dual Yamaha outboards (not shown in the photos) and the Yamaha Helm Master Control (see video)