Education and More

﷯It has been documented that recreational activities help to lessen depression and other conditions that individuals who have a disability are prone to experience. While the actual time aboard an adaptive boat is an important part of the SRMHF program, it is limited by season and favorable weather conditions. The goal of SRMHF is to make the boating sport a full time interest and diversion from the struggle with physical and emotional challenges they are faced with in their daily lives. SRMHF will offer shore side boating education for participating persons to expand their interest and involvement in the sport. Courses in sailing and/or fishing techniques, boating safety, boating design heritage and more by qualified instructors will be provided Online or in DVDs. Our goal is to make the program fun, educational and enjoyable to all involved. A small Sample of the topics that will be included in the SRMHF courses: SAILING The aerodynamics of sails and how they work Sailboat hull shape: the different shapes and why Joshua Slocum’s Spray and his book Sailing Alone Around the World Suggested reading lists Different keel shapes and why Weather conditions and forecasts Navigation with charts, celestial and GPS FISHING Different rods and tackle and why Geographical fishing grounds Water temperature and other aspects Bait issues from lures, flies and other bait Suggested reading lists on different types of fishing Seasonal effects on various fishing waters SRMHF will also create and maintain an interactive SRMHF website that stimulates and promotes shore side activity along with forums and chat rooms where people can directly communicate and participate in discussions on topics concerning sailing or fishing with other people of similar interest throughout the country.